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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)jtitleVolumeIssueStart-pageEnd-page
2008Bee venom acupuncture for musculoskeletal pain: a reviewM. S. Lee; M. H. Pittler; B. C. Shin; J. C. Kong; E. ErnstJ Pain9428997
2013Bee venom acupuncture point injection for central post stroke pain: a preliminary single-blind randomized controlled trialCho, SY; Park, JY; Jung, WS; Moon, SK; Park, JM; Ko, CN; Park, SUComplementary Therapies in Medicine213155157
2007Behavioral interventions in treating anticipatory nausea and vomitingFigueroa-Moseley C; P Jean-Pierre; J A Roscoe; J L Ryan; S Kohli; O G Palesh; E P Ryan; J Carroll; G R MorrowJNCCN Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network ( JNCCN J NAT COMPR CANCER NETW )514450
2003Beyond MEDLINE: Reduc ing bias through extended systematic review searchSavoie I; D Helmer; C J Green; A KazanjianInternational Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care ( INT J TECHNOL ASSESS HEALTH CARE )191168178
2004Beyond negative data in austism randomized trials [1]Ijichi S; N IjichiAutism ( AUTISM )81111112
2001Beyond prevalence: Complementary and alternative medicine, radiation treatment, and breast and prostate cancerMoyad M AJournal of Brachytherapy International ( J BRACHYTHERAPY INT )173237254
2009BFH(Baby Friedly Hospital)における鍼灸田嶋恵子; 山岡傳一郎全日本鍼灸学会雑誌(0285-9955)593325325
1989Bi Digital O-Ring Test (ORT)と反応良導点(第1報)松本隆一; 日本鍼灸良導絡医学会誌1819-
1990Bi-Digital O-Ring Test(ORT)による経絡、経穴のイメージングについて—第一報 神経伝達物質を使用した経絡、経穴のイメージングの方法について—重松俊朗; 無敵剛介; 田山文隆; SHIGEMATSU Shunro; MUTEKI Takesuke; TAYAMA Fumitaka全日本鍼灸学会誌403315318
1993Bi-Digital O-Ring Test・イメージング法を用いた副乳の検討黒川勝治; 北出利勝; 兵頭正義; KUROKAWA katsuji; KITADE toshikatsu; HYODO masayoshi東洋医学とペインクリニック234245251
1997Bi-Digital O-Ring TestによるI型アレルギーの診断と治療 I型アレルギー代表点山本重明東洋医学とペインクリニック274162175
2002Bi-Digital O-Ring Testによる経脈の経穴の位置に関する臨床的研究 手陽明大腸経(3)北出利勝; 黒川勝治東洋医学とペインクリニック303-492-
1991Bi-Digital O-Ring Testによる経絡、経穴のイメージングについて—第5報 督脈、任脈のイメージング、特に百会穴、扁桃核(穴)、海馬(穴)について—重松俊朗; 田山文隆; SHIGEMATSU Shunro; TAYAMA Fumitaka全日本鍼灸学会誌413320323
1991Bi-Digital O-Ring Testによる経絡、経穴のイメージングについて—第6報 脳の各部位別イメージングについて—重松俊朗; 田山文隆; SHIGEMATSU Shunro; TAYAMA Fumitaka全日本鍼灸学会誌413324328
1990Bi-Digital O-Ring testによる経絡、経穴のイメージングについて—脾経(膵臓)と脾経(脾臓)のイメージング—重松俊朗; 田山文隆; SHIGEMATSU Shunro; TAYAMA Fumitaka全日本鍼灸学会誌404408411
1997Bi-Digital O-Ring Testによる手少陰心経の検討(その1)黒川勝治; 北出利勝; KUROKAWA katsuji; KITADE toshikatsu東洋医学とペインクリニック271-23138
1997Bi-Digital O-Ring Testによる手少陰心経の検討(その2)北出利勝; 黒川勝治東洋医学とペインクリニック271-23943
1997Bi-Digital O-Ring Testによる手少陰心経の検討(その3)黒川勝治; 北出利勝; KUROKAWA katsuji; KITADE toshikatsu東洋医学とペインクリニック271-24452
2017Bi-Digital O-Ring Testを応用した任脈督脈に対する鍉鍼治療が生理面・心理面・脳の背外側前頭前野(DLPFC)に与える影響の検証峰聡司東京医療福祉専門学校 鍼灸マッサージ教員養成科卒業論文集-2016年度4454
1990Bi-Digital-O-Ring testによる経絡、経穴のイメージングについて—各経絡と大脳皮質の関係について—重松俊朗; 田山文隆; SHIGEMATSU Shunro; TAYAMA Fumitaka全日本鍼灸学会誌404405407
1990Bi-Digital-O-Ring testによる経絡、経穴のイメージングについて—自律神経中枢(視床)と経絡、経穴の関係について—重松俊朗; 田山文隆; SHIGEMATSU Shunro; TAYAMA Fumitaka全日本鍼灸学会誌404402404
2006Bidirectional adjustment of scalp acupuncture to neuron electric-activity of rats with acute cerebral hemorrhageDong G R; Y Bai; C Y Jin; H S Dong; L Q LiChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )10394850
2001Biomechanical response to acupuncture needling in humans.Langevin HM; Churchill DL; Fox JR; Badger GJ; Garra BS; Krag MH.Journal of applied physiology91624712479
2005Biomedical evidence of influence of geopathic zones on the human body: scientifically traceable effects and ways of harmonization.Hacker GW; Pawlak E; Pauser G; Tichy G; Jell H; Posch G; Kraibacher G; Aigner A; Hutter J.Forschende Komplementarmedizin und Klassische Naturheilkunde ( FORSCH KOMPLEMENTARMED KLASS NATURHEILKD )126315342
2011Bipolar disorder and complementary medicine: current evidence, safety issues, and clinical considerationsSarris, J; Lake, J; Hoenders, RJournal of alternative and complementary medicine1710881890
2003Blinding in acupuncture research: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials for pain using a sham acupuncture controlTrinh K VClinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine ( CLIN ACUPUNCT ORIENTAL MED )42-37177
2001Bloodletting acupuncture for the prevention of stridor in children after tracheal extubation: a randomised, controlled study.Saghaei M; Razavi S.Anaesthesia ( ANAESTHESIA )5610961965
2001Brief acupuncture not effective in the prevention of tension-typeKaptchuk T JFocus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies ( FOCUS ALTERN COMPLEMENT THER )62115121
2012Bu-Fei Yi-Shen granule combined with acupoint sticking therapy in patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, active-controlled, 4-center studyLi, J S; Li, S Y; Yu, X Q; Xie, Y; Wang, M H; Li, Z G; Zhang, N Z; Shao, S J; Zhang, Y J; Zhu, L; Guo, L X; Bai, Y P; Wang, Y FJ Ethnopharmacol1412584591
2002B型肝炎ウイルスは抜鍼後の鍼体に付着する楳田 高士; 栗林 恒一; 笠原 由紀; 若山 育郎; UMEDA Takashi; KURIBAYASHI Koichi; KASAHARA Yuki; WAKAYAMA Ikuro全日本鍼灸学会誌522137140
2016B型慢性肝炎の灸治療症例集積 ―歴史的対照群との比較―西尾明憲; 山下仁森ノ宮医療大学紀要-9・10117128
2009CAMに関する医師・患者間コミュニケーションの改善に関する研究高橋理; 大手幸子; 徳田安春; 福井次矢厚生労働科学研究費補助金 地域医療基盤開発推進研究事業 統合医療の安全性と有効性に関する研究 平成18~20年度総合研究報告書-平成20年度911
2004Can a standardized acupuncture technique palliate disabling breathlessness: a single-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study.Lewith GT; Prescott P; Davis CL.Chest125517831873
2012Can acupuncture affect the circadian rhythm of blood pressure? A randomized, double-blind, controlled trialKim, H M; Cho, S Y; Park, S U; Sohn, I S; Jung, W S; Moon, S K; Park, J M; Ko, C N; Cho, K HJ Altern Complement Med1810918923
2003Can acupuncture ease the symptoms of menopause?Cohen SM; Rousseau ME; Carey BL.Holistic nursing practice176295304
2003Can acupuncture reduce the induction time of a local anaesthetic?--A pilot studyRosted P; Bundgaard M.Acupuncture in Medicine ( ACUPUNCT MED )21392101
2006Can electroacupuncture or transcutaneous nerve stimulation influence cognitive and emotional outcome after stroke?Rorsman Ia; Johansson B.Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine ( J REHABIL MED )3811322
2003Cancer Therapy and Complementary Alternative MedicineItoh T; S YoshidaBiotherapy ( BIOTHERAPY (JAPAN) )175407414
2006Cancer-related fatigue: The evidence base for assessment and managementMitchell S A; A M BergerCancer Journal ( CANCER J )125374387
2002Capsicum plaster at the korean hand acupuncture point reduces postoperative nausea and vomiting after abdominal hysterectomyKim KS; Koo MS; Jeon JW; Park HS; Seung IS.Anesthesia and Analgesia ( ANESTH ANALG )95411031110
2012Cardioprotective effect of transcutaneous electric acupoint stimulation in the pediatric cardiac patients: a randomized controlled clinical trialNi, X; Xie, Y; Wang, Q; Zhong, H; Chen, M; Wang, F; Xiong, LPaediatric anaesthesia228805811
2002Carpal tunnel syndrome pain treated with low-level laser and microamperes transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation: A controlled study.Naeser MA; Hahn KA; Lieberman BE; Branco KF.Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation8379781066
2007Ca沈着していた肩関節痛患者のノイロメトリー西山浩一; 吉備登日本良導絡自律神経学会雑誌(0913-0977)5243737
2008Central Termination of the Trigeminal Ganglion Primary Afferent Neurons Innervation the Masseter Muscle in the Trigeminal Sensory Nuclear Complex of Rats.Yumiko Wakuda; Akimi Niwa; Ryosuke Mikiya; Yasunaga Tsujimaru; Hirohisa Kawahata; Masahiro Nakamura; Masayuki Moritani森ノ宮医療大学紀要-15362
Showing results 523 to 572 of 24687
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