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1981D-フェニールアラニンで出現する非経穴部刺激による鎮痛と針鎮痛との相違藤下悌彦; 久光正; 武重千冬昭和医学会雑誌416657662
1988D-フェニルアラニンによる鍼鎮痛および鍼麻酔の増強効果に関する研究(第1報) 痛覚域値に及ぼす影響とナロキソンによる拮抗作用北出利勝日本鍼灸良導絡医学会誌1631017
1988D-フェニルアラニンによる鍼鎮痛および鍼麻酔の増強効果に関する研究(第2報) 腰下肢痛,抜歯術に対する臨床効果および効果的投与方法北出利勝日本鍼灸良導絡医学会誌1631723
1984D-フェニルアラニン術前投与による慢性腰下肢痛に対する鍼治療の検討(第2報)河内 明; 豊田住江; 山田百合子; 桂川鉚一郎; 木村邦夫; 兵頭正義; 北出利勝; 細谷英吉; KAWACHI Akira; TOYOTA Sumie; YAMADA Yuriko; KATSURAGAWA Ryuichiro; KIMURA Kunio; HYODO Masayoshi; KITADE Toshikatsu; HOSOYA Eikichi全日本鍼灸学会誌3412831
1982D-フェニルアラニン術前投与症例に対する鍼治療河内 明; 北出利勝; 豊田住江; 亀井順二; 兵頭正義; 細谷英吉; KAWACHI Akira; KITADE Toshikatsu; TOYOTA Sumie; KAMEI Junji; HYODO Masayoshi; HOSOYA Eikichi全日本鍼灸学会誌3224751
2003【D.C.が薦めるカイロプラクティックテクニック集】 HIOテクニック太田創医道の日本臨10106672
2003【D.C.が薦めるカイロプラクティックテクニック集】 SOT岸田規明医道の日本臨10109098
2003【D.C.が薦めるカイロプラクティックテクニック集】 アクティベーターメソッドカイロプラクティックテクニック小倉毅医道の日本臨10108689
2003【D.C.が薦めるカイロプラクティックテクニック集】 アプライド・キネシオロジー栗原修医道の日本臨101099103
2003【D.C.が薦めるカイロプラクティックテクニック集】 ガンステッド・テクニック小林忠正医道の日本臨10105965
2003【D.C.が薦めるカイロプラクティックテクニック集】 ディバーシファイド・テクニック松永長行医道の日本臨10105458
2003【D.C.が薦めるカイロプラクティックテクニック集】 トムソン・テクニック山田徳博医道の日本臨10107378
2003【D.C.が薦めるカイロプラクティックテクニック集】 マッケンジー・テクニック仲井光二医道の日本臨1010104109
2003【D.C.が薦めるカイロプラクティックテクニック集】 メリック・リコイル・テクニック本田研理医道の日本臨10107985
2004Dan zhi xiao yao yin combined with auricular-point-pressing for treatment of optic atrophy--a clinical observation of 51 cases.Yang H.Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( J TRAD CHIN MED )244259321
1996DA療法について古賀慶之助; 松本隆一; 今村淳; 医道の日本55104447
1997DA療法について(第二報)古賀慶之助; 今村淳; 梅崎真貴子医道の日本5624748
2007de Quervain病に関わるAPL腱およびEPB腱の機械的ストレス時の変化川村茂; 伊藤譲; 小田原良誠; 増田雅保東洋医学(1341-7460)1313740
2009de Quervain病に対する鍼治療の1症例大井優紀; 井上基浩; 中島美和; 糸井恵; 北小路博司全日本鍼灸学会雑誌(0285-9955)593386386
2012De-qi, not psychological factors, determines the therapeutic efficacy of acupuncture treatment for primary dysmenorrheaXiong, J; Liu, F; Zhang, M. M.; Wang, W; Huang, G. Y.Chinese journal of integrative medicine181715
2006Decrease of pregnant women's pelvic pain after acupuncture: a randomized controlled single-blind study.Lund I; Lundeberg T; Lonnberg L; Svensson E.Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica8511221
2006Delayed encephalopathy after acute carbon monoxide poisoningWang LChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )108189192
2004Delayed facial paralysis after stapedectomy and discussion on its mechanismShe W D; Y H Dai; Z H ChenChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )82041084109
2000Demands, possibilities and limits of evidence-based evaluation in acupunctureIrnich DDeutsche Zeitschrift fur Akupunktur ( DTSCH Z AKUPUNKT )432117125
2004Deprivation effect of acupuncture against amblyopia and its mechanismWang H F; F C Wang; Y ShiChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )83580368037
2002Description and validation of a noninvasive placebo acupuncture procedure.Sherman KJ; Hogeboom CJ; Cherkin DC; Deyo RA.Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine ( J ALTERN COMPLEMENT MED )811120
2001Description of the therapeutic intervention in clinical studies of acupuncture for chronic headacheLinde K; D Melchart; S WillichDeutsche Zeitschrift fur Akupunktur ( DTSCH Z AKUPUNKT )441814
2006Determinants for receiving acupuncture for LBP and associated treatments: A prospective cohort studyChenot J F; A Becker; C Leonhardt; S Keller; N Donner-Banzhoff; E Baum; M Pfingsten; J Hildebrandt; M M KochenBMC Health Services Research ( BMC HEALTH SERV RES )6-18
2003Developing methods for acupuncture research: rationale for and design of a pilot study evaluating the efficacy of acupuncture for chronic low back painSherman KJ; Cherkin DC.Alternative therapies in health and medicine955460
2006Dexamethasone effectively reduces postoperative nausea and vomiting in a general surgical adult patient population.Chen MS; Hong CL; Chung HS; Tan PP; Tsai CC; Su HH; Wong CH.Chang Gung medical journal292175256
2005Difference of electroacupuncture with various frequencies on the degree of induced brain ischemia toleranceLao N; L Z Xiong; Z H Lu; Y B Liu; G Gong; Y LeiChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )99116117
2006Different cerebellar responding to acupuncture at Liv3 and LI4: An fMRI studyLiu H; B C Shan; D S Gao; J Y Xu; W Wang; Y Z Li; K C Li; L H ZhiChinese Journal of Medical Imaging Technology ( CHIN J MED IMAGING TECHNOL )22811651167
2010Different methods for the induction of labour in outpatient settingsT. Dowswell; A. J. Kelly; S. Livio; J. E. Norman; Z. AlfirevicCochrane Database Syst Rev-8CD007701-
2006Different-intensity electroacupuncture at thalamic nucleus submedius for analgesis effectsWang Y X; B Yuan; J S TangChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )10273841
2012Differential autonomic response to acupuncture at wood and metal of five-shu acupointsChol, W; Lee, S; Cho, S; Park, KJ Altern Complement Med1810959964
2002diffusion/perfusion画像を用いた急性期脳虚血ラットの病態解析についての検討森勇樹; 梅田雅宏; 恵飛須俊彦; 田中忠蔵明治鍼灸医学-2997-
2000Do medical devices have enhanced placebo effects?Kaptchuk T J; P Goldman; D A Stone; W B StasonJournal of Clinical Epidemiology ( J CLIN EPIDEMIOL )538786792
2004Do minimally invasive procedures have a place in the treatment of chronic low back pain?Cahana A; P Mavrocordatos; J W M Geurts; G J GroenExpert Review of Neurotherapeutics ( EXPERT REV NEUROTHER )43479490
2002Does acupuncture have additional value to standard poststroke motor rehabilitation?Sze FK; Wong E; Yi X; Woo J.Stroke ( STROKE )331186280
2005Does acupuncture help reduce pain in patients with fibromyalgia?Clauw DJ.Nature Clinical Practice Rheumatology ( NAT CLIN PRACT RHEUMATOL )127683
2002Does acupuncture improve motor recovery after stroke? A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsF. K. Sze; E. Wong; K. K. Or; J. Lau; J. WooStroke3311260419
2002Does acupuncture improve the orthopedic management of chronic low back pain--a randomized, blinded, controlled trial with 3 months follow up.Molsberger AF; Mau J; Pawelec DB; Winkler J.Pain ( PAIN )993579666
2003Does acupuncture influence the cardiac autonomic nervous system in patients with minor depression or anxiety disorders?Agelink M W; D Sanner; H Eich; J Pach; R Bertling; W Lemmer; E Klieser; E LehmannFortschritte der Neurologie Psychiatrie ( FORTSCHR NEUROL PSYCHIATR )7171141149
2000Does acupuncture influence the vasomotor symptoms experienced by breast cancer patients taking tamoxifen?Cumins S M; A M BruntAcupuncture in Medicine ( ACUPUNCT MED )18128-
2001Does acupuncture or massage work in people with persistent back pain?Cole C.Journal of Family Practice ( J FAM PRACT )509799-
2012Does antenatal physical therapy for pregnant women with low back pain or pelvic pain improve functional outcomes? A systematic reviewRichards, E; van Kessel, G; Virgara, R; Harris, PActa obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica91910381045
2005Does Religious Activity Improve Health Outcomes? A Critical Review of the Recent LiteratureCoruh B; H Ayele; M Pugh; T MulliganExplore: The Journal of Science and Healing ( EXPLOR J SCI HEAL )13186191
2002Does spinal manipulative therapy help people with chronic low back pain?Ferreira M L; P H Ferreira; J Latimer; R HerbertAustralian Journal of Physiotherapy ( AUST J PHYSIOTHER )484277284
2013Does the effect of acupuncture depend on needling sensation and manipulation?Choi, YJ; Lee, JE; Moon, WK; Cho, SHComplementary Therapies in Medicine213207214
Showing results 760 to 809 of 24687
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