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2009CAMに関する医師・患者間コミュニケーションの改善に関する研究高橋理; 大手幸子; 徳田安春; 福井次矢厚生労働科学研究費補助金 地域医療基盤開発推進研究事業 統合医療の安全性と有効性に関する研究 平成18~20年度総合研究報告書-平成20年度911
2004Can a standardized acupuncture technique palliate disabling breathlessness: a single-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study.Lewith GT; Prescott P; Davis CL.Chest125517831873
2012Can acupuncture affect the circadian rhythm of blood pressure? A randomized, double-blind, controlled trialKim, H M; Cho, S Y; Park, S U; Sohn, I S; Jung, W S; Moon, S K; Park, J M; Ko, C N; Cho, K HJ Altern Complement Med1810918923
2003Can acupuncture ease the symptoms of menopause?Cohen SM; Rousseau ME; Carey BL.Holistic nursing practice176295304
2003Can acupuncture reduce the induction time of a local anaesthetic?--A pilot studyRosted P; Bundgaard M.Acupuncture in Medicine ( ACUPUNCT MED )21392101
2006Can electroacupuncture or transcutaneous nerve stimulation influence cognitive and emotional outcome after stroke?Rorsman Ia; Johansson B.Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine ( J REHABIL MED )3811322
2003Cancer Therapy and Complementary Alternative MedicineItoh T; S YoshidaBiotherapy ( BIOTHERAPY (JAPAN) )175407414
2006Cancer-related fatigue: The evidence base for assessment and managementMitchell S A; A M BergerCancer Journal ( CANCER J )125374387
2002Capsicum plaster at the korean hand acupuncture point reduces postoperative nausea and vomiting after abdominal hysterectomyKim KS; Koo MS; Jeon JW; Park HS; Seung IS.Anesthesia and Analgesia ( ANESTH ANALG )95411031110
2012Cardioprotective effect of transcutaneous electric acupoint stimulation in the pediatric cardiac patients: a randomized controlled clinical trialNi, X; Xie, Y; Wang, Q; Zhong, H; Chen, M; Wang, F; Xiong, LPaediatric anaesthesia228805811
2002Carpal tunnel syndrome pain treated with low-level laser and microamperes transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation: A controlled study.Naeser MA; Hahn KA; Lieberman BE; Branco KF.Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation8379781066
2007Ca沈着していた肩関節痛患者のノイロメトリー西山浩一; 吉備登日本良導絡自律神経学会雑誌(0913-0977)5243737
2008Central Termination of the Trigeminal Ganglion Primary Afferent Neurons Innervation the Masseter Muscle in the Trigeminal Sensory Nuclear Complex of Rats.Yumiko Wakuda; Akimi Niwa; Ryosuke Mikiya; Yasunaga Tsujimaru; Hirohisa Kawahata; Masahiro Nakamura; Masayuki Moritani森ノ宮医療大学紀要-15362
2012Cephalic version by moxibustion for breech presentationCoyle, M E; Smith, C A; Peat, BCochrane database of systematic reviews (Online)5-CD003928-
2003Cerebral and peripheral effects of laser needle-stimulation.Litscher G.Neurological Research ( NEUROL RES )257722730
2002Cerebral vascular effects of non-invasive laserneedles measured by transorbital and transtemporal Doppler sonography.Litscher G; Schikora D.Lasers in medical science174289384
2012Change of blood perfusion in Hegu acupoint after contralateral Hegu acupoint was stimulatedGuangjun, W; Yuying, T; Shuyong, J; Tao, H; Weibo, ZJ Altern Complement Med188784788
2002Changed skin blood perfusion in the fingertip following acupuncture needle introduction as evaluated by laser Doppler perfusion imaging.Litscher G; Wang L; Huber E; Nilsson G.Lasers in medical science1711925
2006Changes in cerebral infarction volume and the expression of interleukin 1 beta protein in rats with cerebral ischemic reperfusion after treatment of electroacupunctureZhang Z Q; L J Liu; J H LiChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )1043153155
2006Changes in FMRI in the human brain related to different durations of manual acupuncture needling.Li K; Shan B; Xu J; Liu H; Wang W; Zhi L; Li K; Yan B; Tang X.Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine ( J ALTERN COMPLEMENT MED )127615638
2005Changes in physical fitness of mice and rats in endurance training after transcutaneous electrical stimulationYang Y; Z H Li; J S HeChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )936147149
2002Changes in Plasma Catecholamine in Patients Undergoing Posterior Cranial Fossa Surgeries under Acupuncture Anesthesia Combined with AnestheticsQingguo Y; C Ximing; H Yannan; X Canran; S DajinInt J Clin Acupunct133207219
2006Changes in skin blood flow and skin sympathetic nerve activity in response to manual acupuncture stimulation in humans.Kimura K; Masuda K; Wakayama I.American Journal of Chinese Medicine ( AM J CHIN MED )342189285
2006Changes in the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and basic fibroblast growth factor in rats with hyperlipemia and cerebral ischemia treated by electric acupunctureShi Y C; X J Ren; Y Z Hong; Y TuChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )1043162165
2005Changes of cerebral blood flow and limb motor function in patients with acute ischemic stroke after scalp acupuncture treatmentLi D R; G C Wu; J L Lin; X L Wang; B H Lai; G Y ZouChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )925138139
2006Changes of concentration of CaSUP2+ and contents of inositol triphosphate and cyclic adenosine monophosphate in gastric antrum smooth muscle cells stimulated by electro-acupuncture at Foot-Yangming channel in rabbitsYi S X; Y J Deng; J Yan; Y P Lin; H Guo; Z Y Xiang; F Wu; W Y LiuChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )1039395
2006Changes of content of glutamic acid in striatum of rats with Parkinson disease after electroacupuncture stimulation at acupointsWang Y C; J Ma; H WangChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )1015183185
2005Changes of indexes of energy metabolism in brain, pulmonary tissue and blood of rats with cerebral infarction and the interventional effect of acupunctureMeng Z H; Y H Du; X M ShiChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )9459698
2006Changes of myocardial zymogram induced by acute stroke and intervention of acupunctureWu J; L X Fu; H Zhao; S H Gao; W Z Wang; J L Zhang; P Li; J G ZhaoChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )10713
2006Changes of neurological defect and laboratory related indexes in patients with acute cerebral infarction after ultrasonic electric cluster acupuncture therapyXu B; G P Tian; P Zhu; Z W WangChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )10151922
2006Changes of protein kinase C expression in gastric mucous cells of rats with gastric ulcer following electroacupuncture at gastric meridian acupointYan J; Z B Yang; X P Zou; S X Yi; X R Chang; Y P LinChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )1019122124
2005Changes of superoxide dismulase activity and malondiadehyde content in brain tissue in neonatal rats with cerebral hypoxia ischemia after He-Ne laser acupuncture point irradiationLi W Q; X M Chen; A Q Wu; W Liu; H LiuChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )923196197
2006Changes of the anti-oxidation capability of rat model of Parkinson disease after acupuncture at subthalamusJin Z; T T Liu; B X ZhouChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )1023188190
2006Characteristics of acupuncture in the treatment of depressive-accession mood disorderWang C; W B FuChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )1027113115
2005Characteristics of time window of the expression of different neurotrophic factors after the treatment of electro-acupuncture on Du Channel after spinal cord injuryYang C; D M Zhao; T S LiuChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )925135137
2002Cheap research is likely to be biasedWhite A; A HartComplementary Therapies in Medicine ( COMPLEMENT THER MED )1025960
2005Chinese medicine therapy including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis: A randomized, controlled trialBrinkhaus B; J Hummelsberger; R Kohnen; J Seufert; C H Hempen; H Leonhardy; R Nogel; S Joos; E G HahnChinesische Medizin ( CHINESISCHE MED )2024758
2012Chinese scalp acupuncture relieves pain and restores function in complex regional pain syndromeHommer, D HMilitary medicine1771012311234
2002Chronic epicondylitis: effects of real and sham acupuncture treatment: a randomised controlled patient- and examiner-blinded long-term trial.Fink M; Wolkenstein E; Luennemann M; Gutenbrunner C; Gehrke A; Karst M.Forschende Komplementarmedizin und Klassische Naturheilkunde ( FORSCH KOMPLEMENTARMED KLASS NATURHEILKD )94210215
2002Chronic lateral epicondylitis: Survey of current practice in the outpatient departments in ScotlandGreenfield C; V WebsterPhysiotherapy ( PHYSIOTHERAPY )8810578594
2006Chronic low back pain: Progress in therapyJoines J DCurrent Pain and Headache Reports ( CURR PAIN HEADACHE REP )106421425
2002Chronic pain in Canada - Prevalence, treatment, impact and the role of opioid analgesiaMoulin D E; A J Clark; M Speechley; P K Morley-ForsterPain Research and Management ( PAIN RES MANAGE )74179184
2006Chronic pain management in patients with substance use disordersOlsen Y; D P AlfordAdvanced Studies in Medicine ( ADV STUD MED )6-111123
2005Chronic prostatitis in Korea: A nationwide postal survey of practicing urologists in 2004Ku J H; J S Paick; S W KimAsian Journal of Andrology ( ASIAN J ANDROL )74427432
2007Chronic Prostatitis Syndrome: A Common, but Poorly Understood Condition. Part II{A figure is presented}Pavone-Macaluso MEAU-EBU Update Series ( EAU EBU UPDATE SER )511625
2003Chronic spinal pain: A randomized clinical trial comparing medication, acupuncture, and spinal manipulation - Point of viewGatchel R JSpine ( SPINE )281415021503
2003Chronic spinal pain: a randomized clinical trial comparing medication, acupuncture, and spinal manipulation.Giles LG; Muller R.Spine ( SPINE )281414901992
2002Clinic control research of Alzheimer's disease by the combination of acupuncture and Danggui Shaoyao San (DGSYS) of TCMLi Z R; Y Y Mu; Q OuyangChinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation ( CHIN J CLIN REHAB )61928482849
Showing results 499 to 548 of 24530
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